medial collateral ligament of the knee

The medial (tibial) collateral ligament (MCL) of the knee is a flat, triangular band on its medial aspect and has superficial and deep portions.

Gross anatomy

It originates at the medial femoral epicondyle, anteroinferior to the adductor tubercle, superior to the superficial medial collateral ligament attachment, and anterior to the medial gastrocnemius tendon attachment, and has two insertion sites at the upper medial surface of the tibia. It attaches mainly to soft tissue namely the anterior band of the semimembranosus then continues inferiority to attach to tibial periosteum deep to the pes anserine attachment. The posterior aspect of the medial collateral ligament blends into the posterior oblique ligament and knee capsule. The deep portion is attached to the medial meniscus .

Related pathology

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