mickey mouse appearance

In medical imaging literature, a Mickey Mouse appearance has been given to imaging features that depict that of Mickey Mouse when viewed from the front. It has been described in the following:

  • anencephaly 
  • progressive supranuclear palsy 
  • synonymously with a finger in glove sign
  • the flared shape of the iliac wings on pelvic radiograph in Down syndrome
  • at the groin: normal femoral artery bifurcation, with an enlarged and incompressible femoral vein characteristic of recent venous thrombosis
  • Paget disease: if there is increased radiotracer uptake on the bone scan in the spinous process and pedicles
  • the configuration of the portal triad in short axis on a biliary ultrasound scan, with the portal vein comprising Mickey's "head" and the common bile duct and hepatic artery as his right and left "ears", respectively
  • Hutch diverticulum: in delayed contrast study (IVU/CT), the appearance of bilateral smooth, walled posterolateral outpouching from urinary bladder adjacent to the vesicoureteric junction bilaterally
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