nasolacrimal drainage apparatus

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The nasolacrimal (drainage) apparatus consists of:

Ground anatomy

Tears produced by the lacrimal gland, accessory lacrimal glands of Krause, Wolfring and Zeis, and Meibomian glands track medially along the eyelid margins and collect at the lacrimal lake at the inner canthus. The nasolacrimal drainage apparatus drains tears in a descending course through the inferior and superior lacrimal canaliculi and common canaliculus through the valve of Rosenmuller leading to the lacrimal sac, which drains into the nasolacrimal duct in the nasolacrimal canal of the maxilla and through the valve of Hasner to the inferior nasal meatus below the inferior turbinate in the nasal cavity.

Note that the nasolacrimal apparatus is not to be confused with the lacrimal apparatus, which also includes the lacrimal gland.

Related pathology

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