Saccus lacrimalis

The lacrimal (or nasolacrimal) sac forms part of the nasolacrimal drainage apparatus. It is located in the preseptal part of the orbit.

Gross anatomy

The lacrimal sac lies in the lacrimal fossa on the inferomedial aspect of the bony orbit between the posterior and anterior lacrimal crests. It may normally contain fluid and/or gas. The lacrimal sac has a superior fundus that tapers inferiorly to a slimmer body; the roof of the lacrimal sac is also known as the fornix (or fornix sacci lacrimalis). The sac receives the lacrimal canaliculi before it drains via the valve of Krause into the nasolacrimal duct. It is enclosed by the lacrimal fascia and the orbicularis oculi muscle.

Related pathology

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