supernumerary teeth

Supernumerary teeth (hyperdontia) are extra tooth to the standard series of either primary or permanent teeth.


The term supplemental tooth may be used when the supernumerary tooth resembles its associated normal tooth and the term peridens may be used for an ectopically erupted (e.g. buccal or lingually) supernumerary tooth . Mesiodens refers to a supernumerary tooth in the midline between the central incisors .


Supernumerary teeth occur in ~2.5% (range 0.1-5.3%) of the population with a 2:1 M:F in adults with permanent teeth .


The etiology of supernumerary teeth is unknown . They may arise anywhere in the mandible or maxilla and may be:

  • unilateral or bilateral
  • single or multiple
  • erupted or unerupted

Multiple supernumerary teeth are associated with:

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