Foramen parietale

The parietal foramina are inconstant foramina on each side of the posterior aspect of the parietal bone near the sagittal suture and represent a normal anatomic variant. They transmit the emissary veins, draining to the superior sagittal sinus, and occasionally a branch of the occipital artery. The foramina are variably-present, and often absent . When both parietal foramina are present, the point along the sagittal suture that is intersected by an imaginary line connecting the two parietal foramina is called the obelion.

Variant anatomy

  • enlarged (giant) parietal foramen
    • may be a benign incidental variant but has been shown to be associated with anomalies, especially venous  
    • present as a pair of large and symmetrical parietal bone lucencies near the lambda 
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