Ligamentum arteriosum

The ligamentum arteriosum (or arteriosus) is the small fibrous remnant of the fetal ductus arteriosum, located between and connecting the proximal left pulmonary artery and the undersurface of the junction of the aortic arch and descending aorta, at the aortic isthmus. The left recurrent laryngeal nerve curves upwards from the left vagus nerve underneath the aortic arch lateral then posterior to the ligamentum arteriosum as it ascends to the larynx. It is one of the many structures at the level of the horizontal transthoracic plane of Ludwig.

The ligamentum may create a small diverticulum arising from the anteromedial wall of the aorta, known as a ductus diverticulum, that may be mistaken for a aneurysm.

In some individuals this may be calcified (see ligamentum arteriosum calcification)

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