Lipom des Magens

Gastric lipomas are a location-specific subtype of gastrointestinal lipomas and represent a rare benign mesenchymal tumors of the stomach. They can be definitively diagnosed on CT.


Gastric lipomas are rare, accounting for <5% of gastrointestinal lipomas and <1% of all gastric neoplasms .

Clinical presentation

Patients may present with pain, upper gastrointestinal bleeding, dyspepsia and/or gastric outlet obstruction, although they are typically asymptomatic when small.


Gastric lipomas are typically sessile in morphology, solitary (75%) and most frequently located in the gastric antrum. They tend to be submucosal rather than subserosal. Gastric ulceration is common.


Gastric lipomas are composed of mature adipose cells surrounded by a fibrous capsule.

Radiographic features


Features are non-specific on upper gastrointestinal contrast studies with filling defects and a central bulls-eye, reflecting ulceration common .


Gastric lipomas present as well-defined, homogenous fat-density lesions (-70 to -120 is diagnostic) .

Differential diagnosis

  • on fluoroscopic studies, GIST should always be considered
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