mineralizing microangiopathy

Mineralizing microangiopathy is a condition characterized by parenchymal cerebral calcifications and is usually seen in children as a complication of cranial radiotherapy and chemotherapy .

Radiographic features

Mineralizing microangiopathy can affect the brain widely, with typical sites involved including :


CT typically shows calcification in the affected region.


MRI is less sensitive as calcifications are generally not well demonstrated on conventional MRI sequences. T2* sequences, particularly susceptibility-weighted imaging (SWI) will demonstrate magnetic susceptibility artifacts in affected areas.

  • T1: may show paradoxical hyperintensity in the region of calcification due to surface relaxation mechanism
  • T2: often inapparent on spin echo sequences
  • SWI: signal loss

Differential diagnosis

General imaging differential considerations for corticomedullary calcifications are:

Causes of basal ganglia calcification are discussed separately.

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