submandibular space

The submandibular space is a suprahyoid deep compartment of the head and neck.


Within this compartment, all authors include the space within the submandibular triangle around the submandibular gland. Some also subsume the submental space and others further include the sublingual space, as these spaces communicate freely . In the latter case, the portion of the submandibular space inferior to the mylohyoid muscle sling is also known as the submaxillary space . The article below uses the most granular of these definitions (i.e. treating the submental and sublingual spaces as separate compartments and the submandibular space to be synonymous with the submylohyoid/submaxillary space).

Gross anatomy

The superficial layer of the deep cervical fascia between the mandible and hyoid bone forms the floor of the submandibular space.


Related pathology

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