Angiosarkom des Herzens

Cardiac angiosarcomas are the most common sarcoma involving the heart (see cardiac tumors).

Please refer to the article on angiosarcomas for a general discussion about this entity.


They occur slightly more frequently in males.

Clinical presentation

Patients usually present with right-sided heart failure or cardiac tamponade.


These tumors tend to occur in the right atrium and involve the pericardium.

Radiographic features

Two main morphologic types have been described in angiosarcoma:

  • well-defined mass protruding into a cardiac chamber, usually the right atrium
    • CT shows a low-attenuation right atrial mass, which may be irregular or nodular (usually arises from the right atrial free wall)
    • contrast material enhancement is heterogeneous
  • diffusely infiltrative mass extending along the pericardium
    • pericardial space may be obliterated with hemorrhagic, necrotic tumor debris
  • Treatment and prognosis

    Prognosis is poor, which may be due in part to the delay in diagnosis (patients usually have metastatic involvement at presentation).

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