dilated azygos vein

An enlarged/dilated azygos vein may result from a number of physiological as well as pathological causes. The enlarged azygos vein may be seen as a widened right paratracheal/paraspinal stripe on a frontal chest radiograph.


Spelling it "azygous" when referring to the vein is incorrect, regardless of whether British or American English . Azygous is a word in English meaning 'without pair', but in the context of anatomy, see Terminologia Anatomica, azygos vein is the sole correct spelling.

Causes for dilatation

There are a number of physiological causes for enlargement of the azygos vein such as pregnancy and over hydration, but most cases are pathological:

Differential diagnosis

The differential diagnosis depends on the radiographic study being reviewed; on a CXR, the differential includes:

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