FRCR examination

The FRCR (Fellow of the Royal College of Radiologistsexamination is set by the Royal College of Radiologists in the UK and consists of three parts:

  • First FRCR: physics and anatomy
  • Final FRCR Part A: specialty-specific module examinations
  • Final FRCR Part B: long cases, rapid-reporting and viva voce examinations

Colloquially First FRCR is known as part 1, Final FRCR Part A is known as part 2A, and Final FRCR Part B is known as part 2B.

Success in all three parts of the FRCR examination, leads to the award of the Fellowship of the Royal College of Radiologists, and entitles the use of the post-nominal letters FRCR.

In the United Kingdom, a specialist needs to hold FRCR (or recognized equivalent qualification) to be on the General Medical Council (GMC) specialty register for clinical radiology, which enables a doctor to work as a consultant radiologist in the UK.


Before the introduction of the FRCR exam, radiologists in the UK studied for the DMRD (Diploma in Medical Radiodiagnosis).

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