obstructive cystic renal dysplasia

Obstructive cystic renal dysplasia, or Potter type IV cystic renal disease, is a potential complication that can occur from prolonged obstruction of the bladder outlet or urethra during gestation.


Ureteric obstruction during active nephrogenesis results in cystic renal dysplasia; the earlier and longer the obstruction the more severe the histopathological changes of dysplasia .


Any obstructive renal tract pathology distally involving the renal tract can be a potential cause which include:


Associated anomalies may be present in up to 50% of cases can include:

Radiographic features 


The kidneys are usually normal to small in size with highly echogenic cortices, loss of cortico-medullary differentiation, and scattered cysts (usually smaller than those seen with multicystic dysplastic kidneys) . The reniform shape is often preserved until late in the disease.

Differential diagnosis

General differential considerations include:

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