zystische Läsionen des Knies

There is broad differential for cyst-like lesions around the knee.

Differential diagnosis

Cyst-like lesions
  • distended knee bursae
    • suprapatellar bursa/suprapatellar bursitis
    • prepatellar bursa/prepatellar bursitis
    • superficial infrapatellar bursa/superficial infrapatellar bursitis
    • deep infrapatellar bursa/deep infrapatellar bursitis
    • anserine bursa/pes anserinus bursitis
    • iliotibial bursa/iliotibial bursitis
    • semimembranosus-tibial collateral ligament (SMTCL) bursa/semimembranosus-tibial collateral ligament (SMTCL) bursitis
    • medial collateral ligament bursa/medial collateral ligament bursitis
    • fibular collateral ligament-biceps femoris bursa/fibular collateral ligament)-biceps femoris bursitis
  • cystic hematoma/post-traumatic cyst
  • normal recesses
    • posterior femoral recess (subgastrocnemius recess) 
    • posterior capsular recess 
    • subpopliteal recess
    • suprahoffatic recess
    • infrahoffatic recess
    • anterior tibial recess
    • central synovial recess
    • parameniscal recess
  • popliteal arterial aneurysm - pseudoaneurysm
  • popliteal venous varix
  • solid lesions with cyst-like components
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