Splenic metastases are relatively rare on imaging, although they are more commonly found on autopsy. Typically they are part of a widespread metastatic disease.


The rate of splenic metastases varies between 1-10% of autopsy studies, depending on whether microscopic or macroscopic metastases were included .


Most commonly metastases are a solitary splenic (solid or cystic) mass, may rarely be infiltrative . Primary sources include :

Radiographic features

  • solitary or multiple well-defined masses
  • most commonly appear as a hypoechoic lesion (target appearance), although can be iso- or hyperechoic
  • contrast-enhanced US (CEUS): rapid wash-in and wash-out
  • usually hypoattenuating masses
  • cystic components may be present
  • T1: low signal intensity
  • T2: high signal intensity
  • C+ (Gd): variable, mostly depending on the primary malignancy
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