Rheumatoid arthritis (pulmonary manifestations)

Pulmonary manifestations are relatively common in rheumatoid arthritis, and like many of its non-articular manifestations, tend to develop later in the disease.

Please refer to the related articles for a general discussion of rheumatoid arthritis, and for the specific discussion of its musculoskeletal manifestations.


Although RA is more common in women, respiratory disease more commonly develops in men .

Clinical presentation

Respiratory symptoms are often absent, or nonspecific such as dyspnea and chronic cough.



Radiographic features

Patterns of lung involvement include interstitial, airway and pleural disease.

Pleural involvement is a common manifestation of RA, although usually asymptomatic.

  • pleural thickening: is seen more commonly than pleural effusions
  • pleural effusions: occur late in the disease, are often unilateral and associated with pericarditis and subcutaneous nodules

Other manifestations include:

Plain radiograph

Chest radiograph may show:


Chest CT or HRCT features include:

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