WHO classification scheme for odontogenic tumours

The WHO classification of odontogenic and maxillofacial bone tumors, last published in 2017, is a subset of the WHO classification of head and neck tumors (4 edition), that lays out a histological classification system for neoplasms and other tumors related to the odontogenic apparatus.


Malignant odontogenic tumors
  • odontogenic carcinomas
    • ameloblastic carcinoma
    • primary intraosseous carcinoma, not otherwise specified
    • sclerosing odontogenic carcinoma
    • clear cell odontogenic carcinoma
    • ghost cell odontogenic carcinoma
  • odontogenic carcinosarcoma
  • odontogenic sarcomas
Benign odontogenic tumors
Odontogenic cyst
Malignant maxillofacial bone and cartilage tumors 
Benign maxillofacial bone and cartilage tumors
Fibro-osseous and osteochondromatous lesions
Giant cell lesions and simple bone cyst 
Hematolymphoid tumors
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